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Franchisr will help you not only fund your startup cost through its innovative crowdfunding platform but we will also guide you through the whole process to succeed in managing a profitable franchise business.

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The Team

Mike Wise

Founder & CEO

He is currently engaged in undergraduate studies as an Honors student at Northeastern University, focusing on Entrepreneurship and Finance.  His vision for Franchisr was born from a desire to extend the wealth-creating opportunities of franchising with every-day individuals who may lack the capital to gain access to those opportunities  By integrating access to business ownership with the financial resources of crowd-based social investing, he seeks to extend wealth creation opportunities to those who may otherwise never have them.  

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Frank Chen

Co-founder & Marketing Director

CFO, an undergraduate student at Northeastern specializing in economics & entrepreneurship. Frank grew up in a business-oriented family and started working with his father since last year. His experience with various family businesses in China & U.S. provides a distinct perspective on our business plannings and approaches. More specifically, Frank is helping setting up a marketing team for his father’s new alcohol company in China and is excited to grow along Franchisr.

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Raul Oreste

Co-founder - Director of Business Development and Finance

He graduated in 2013 with a degree in Aeronautical engineering, has more than 7 years of combined experience in strategy, business development, and marketing in startups and small businesses, mostly developing the company's sales and marketing departments. Currently completing his MBA with a concentration in quantitative finance at Babson College. He's passionate about innovation which shows the potential to change an industry to create social impact. He sees in Franchisr a democratization of lending in Franchises allowing small entrepreneurs to invest and develop what was only accessible to wealthy investors. 

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